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Sri Shyam Kishore Khanna

The visionary behind the dream

My father Lt  Shri Shyam Kishore Khanna has always been the inspiration behind IKMG.


I always saw him working hard first for the Company he worked for,  Coats the Thread Makers -British Firm - controlling North India.


After retirement my father went onto set up the the Khattri Trust with INR 900 in mid 1960’s.


He had the vision to set up a bank to help the poor get married,  and converted the Trust in to the Bank which is till date in operations under Reserve Bank of India,


The bank is called Khattri Cooperative Urban Bank ltd.


Lt. Mr Shyam Kishore Khanna was the first Chairman of KCUB ltd situated in Delhi.

Today the dream is continuing to be realised via IKMG

Mr Raj Khanna

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