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IKMG Global
Board Members & Patrons

This is the board of IKMG, a group of amazing beings who have selflessly helped IKMG become what it is today.  

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Patron with Honours

Inspiring Indian Woman of the year  2021

Mrs Kamla Seth

Kamla Ji is the elder sister of Mr Raj Khanna and the daughter of  Sri Shyam Kishore Khanna, who had the dream to start a bank to  help the poor get married,  called Khattri Cooperative Urban Bank ltd. 

Besides serving as a senior director of Khattri Bank since 1975, taking on all administrative duties, key operations,  protecting its pedigree and supporting IKMG since its inception, Kamlia Ji has played a key patronage role in helping IKMG achieve its growth.  


in 2021, Kamla Ji was voted Indian Woman of the year by   for her " efforts and sacrifices, which have inspired others to motivate them further."

It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge her hard work, help, and grace.

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Member Advisory Council

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We welcome your help.

Maybe you want to donate or help with your time, whichever, your help is appreciated and needed.

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