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IKMG Charity, driven by love and care for the underprivileged, established their education arm, Learning Tree. After a significant discussion in Agra on January 28, 2023, education was chosen as their core focus. Taking swift action in March, they inaugurated the first Learning Tree school on April 11, with admissions open for underprivileged children. These children receive free education, stationery, mid-day meals, and uniforms, thanks to the generosity of sponsors. Principal Dr. Shonu Mehrotra and Mr. Pawan Mehrotra played crucial roles in the Agra unit. IKMG members sponsor monthly mid-day meals, and the organization aims to open more branches in the future if resources permit, spreading their love and care to more children in need

Meet The Team


Dr Shonu Mehrotra


Dr Anjali Mehrotra
Head Teacher

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